Sunday, October 4, 2015

Introductions: The WarriorToo Family

This family is loosely based on the Warrior Family made by my good friend in the UK, Shona.  *Heidi-Ho Shona!*   I had asked Shona for a copy of her Warrior family which I had the pleasure of playing several years ago.  In my hurry to begin playing before she had a chance to send me the family, I made my own and began playing.  In the meantime, Shona did send me the original Warrior family, which I will play at some point in the Challenging Families arc.

The rules for playing this family:

1.  1 item may be sold off this lot for money
2.  If you wish to sell more than one thing off the lot, then you forfeit the right to move anyone in.
3.  If you move anyone in, you may do so only then the father ages to elder, or when the toddler ages to teen in platinum aspiration.
4.  You may not tear the house down.  When adding on to it, you must stay with the story book theme.
5.  No tweaking ages of Sims.  No aging up early, ect.
6.  Play ends when the kids are all grown to adult in at least gold aspiration, and all have significant others to move out to.
7.  There are things built into this play to make it a little make it easier in some ways...depends on which way you go with it...and then there is the thing that can cause accidental... *cough*...visit from Grim....
8.  Kudos if nobody dies, but give yourself 50 points if they do, and 100 points if it is accidental.  :)
9.  There is one Sim in this bunch who sways to the same sex.  Guess who it is without using the  "Scope Room" interaction, and you can count yourself a real Sim behavioral expert!

Anyway this family starts out with $,1000 cash, then there are things left laying around on the lot that could be a help in the future.....or can be sold off.  Let me introduce each member of this family to you.

First there is The Dad.  His name is Great.  Great Warrior.

Yes, he is a real winner.  As in many Sim stories, he is a recent widower.  He lost his wife by way of Rodney's Death Creator.  Heh.  At any rate, here is a little about Great.

He is a Pleasure Sim, and wishes to buy a bath tub, meet somone new, get a job in the Criminal field, and buy a toilet.  Yes, there is no toilet in this lot.  However that looks to be the only thing he will get any time soon.  His LTW is to be a Professional Party Guest.  Maybe. How does he feel about his children?

He likes 'em okay.  Except for that one....Alexandra.  Dang...-44 on the daily?

Next is the baby, Donny.  Hmmm...was I thinking about the Osmonds when I named this kid?  Heh.

He really is a cute kid.

Opening the lot, he wants what all toddlers want, to learn stuff, get attention from dad and toys.  Not unusual.

How does he feel about his family?  Well, he doesn't like Ivy, Cisco or Alexandra much.  And Barry isn't too far behind.  Dad and Penny rate right up there with at least 38 points on the daily.

Next is Alexandra, everyone's favorite.

By the looks of the minus signs above Cisco's head there in the background, a fight has just finished.  Yes, these two are going at it when the lot opens.  My oh my.  Alexandra looses, and that sets the tone for these two their whole childhood.

This girl wants to make lots of friends.  Good luck with that.

No surprises here.  She even has negative feelings toward Donny.

Next is Barry.

Upon opening the lot, he is playing Red Hands with Great.  He and dad make alot of headway in the friendship realm.

He wants skills and books and stuff when opening the lot.  Sweet kid.

H tries to like everybody...although there is some negativity going on there.  Nice relationship with Great.

Next:  HiYa, Cisco.  Hey do you watch the TV show The Flash?  I do.  Love my man, Cisco. 

Hey man, love your hat.

You may be a tuff guy, but you are a marshmallow at heart.  You want is friends and toys.

Naturally we see that he has high negativity toward Alexandra.  Doesn't like his dad much either, or any of his sibs except Donny.

Next up:  Ivy.  And I don't know why I chose that name.  It is so over used in the Sim world.

Um, this picture was taken later in play than the rest.  In the background there you see the starter house, and that is really all the bigger it is.  The family slept in tents.  Ivy is growing faster than Great can keep her in clothes.  She is wearing a shirt from second grade.

Friends, toys.  of course.  I am sorta getting a feeling about what is missing on this lot.

Likes Penny ok...and the baby Donny.  The rest...nope.

Last but not least, is Penny.  Sweet sweet Penny......

Ah, she wants something different than the others.  Yes yes she wants friends, but she also wants a pet and good grades.  Awwww.  I am liking this girl already.

 She is another one who is not a fan of Alexandra.

Her tender heart was bruised watching Cisco and Alexandra fight. Either that, or she is upset about her mom becoming a victim of the Death Creator.

Yes, everyone was sad when Mamma passed on.  Thank you Rodneys Death Creator.  Her grave resides on the back of the lot.

There she is.  Ready to haunt.

And this is where this chapter ends, everyone is introduced and ready to play~!


  1. LMAO, "Next is Alexandra, everyone's favorite." She is a hoot to play though. If you can get her occupied the house runs so much better. If not, she is a fighter who loves to fight anyone and everyone.

    Can't wait to see where your family differed from mine. :)

  2. Love it. Can't wait to see more :)

  3. Oh my days, I loved reading this and look forward to reading the rest :) I've tried playing the warrior family as well, I should blog it as I have failed all but once to raise them all safely xxx