How This Blog Started

Hi there! I am glad you found time to stop by and read my newest TS2 blog.  We love The Sims, and we all have our favorite Sim genre.  Some love TS2, TS3, TS4 and so on.  I like them all, but LOVE TS2 the most and am always looking for ways to keep fresh and fun.

My friend and fellow Simmer Bubbs and I came up with an idea.  What if we played challenged families, that is families that have issues?  We would both play the same family, then compare our blogs.  How did we cope?  Then we thought to share these blogs and the families with the Simming Community.  The person who made the family has rights to make a short list of rules in playing them.  Hopefully there will be a series of entries based on "Challenged Families".

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